Company Partners

Roberta Tedeschi

General manager of S.P.A.R.T.A. s.r.l. Before and after taking a degree in geology (thesis concerning the feasibility geological and hydrogeological study of a dam on the river Piave) she has been interested in environment and territory, both in private companies and local government units working on hydraulic safety and protection of water resources.
Indefatigable traveller and skilled photographer, she is a member of La Venta, a research team that carries out exploratory geographic expeditions, preferring the underground world and the remotest corners of the earth. She published several papers and articles on the exploration projects in which she participated and, in the last years, on the use of advanced survey systems in the speleological field and land management.
Regarding that experimental subject and the use of advanced technologies for monitoring and designing in mining industry, she is a speaker at conferences and seminars.
She held the position of official at the European Parliament (workplaces: Brussels and Strasbourg), in charge of following the REGI (Regional Development) and ITRE (Industry, Research and Energy) Committees.

Erminio Paolo Canevese

Chairman of S.P.A.R.T.A. s.r.l. since 2002. Since 1985, when he entered the working world and founded his professional survey office (Studio Topografico Canevese), he looks at advanced technologies with pioneer attitude, as they are a tool to improve the quality and results of work. He has made a profession of his interest in software research and development applied to geomatics when, in 1994, he established Virtualgeo s.r.l. and dedicated his work to the development of software to process data acquired by the most advanced technologies for architecture-environment survey available on the market (lidar).
He attends conferences and seminars as a speaker, at universities and government units, in Italy and abroad, concerning lidar systems and the most suitable solutions to manage lidar data. He is the author of several papers and articles on such subjects, published on specialized magazines and books.