Research and Development

S.P.A.R.T.A. supports the software department of Virtualgeo s.r.l. as a beta tester for the new software technologies for the 3D model-based management and design of territory, environment monitoring, management and processing of lidar surveys (terrestrial, airborne, and car-borne laser scanner surveys). In this field, the company stands out not only for laser scanner surveys of landslides and rivers, but also for the surveys of the underground world, as it tested the speleological topographic survey of caves under extreme conditions in the Naica caves in Mexico, at a temperature of 48°C and 98% humidity (, Naica Project).

S.P.A.R.T.A. has carried out research and development projects, funded by the Friuli Venezia Giulia Region on the basis of regional law no. 26/2005, to create a new three-dimensional stereoscopic display systems. The project, which was completed in December 2010, produced three-dimensional contents related to the environmental sector, and new passive/active lens display systems.
In 2010 S.P.A.R.T.A. proposed a new research and development project, funded with the Regional Operational Programme European Regional Development Fund for the period 2007-2013, to implement new systems for the production of hydroelectric power with water vortex.