3D Modelling and Cartography

Three-dimensional modelling, which is widely used in many fields, is a necessary design tool to improve the output quality, centre the targets and avoid unexpected costs. Three-dimensional modelling is necessary in designing quarries, waste disposals, and rural renewal works, in designing roads and hydroelectric power plants, in producing river models and 2D-3D cartography, and so on. That method gives many advantages as it allows obtaining all the information you need to research the best volume solution and meanwhile, thanks to the simulations, evaluate the visual impact of the works.
S.P.A.R.T.A.’s expertise in that field derives from the collaboration with Virtualgeo s.r.l., leader in the development of software technologies to model point clouds acquired by laser scanning (www.geomaticscube.com), and with Studio Topografico Canevese. Its expertise allows working in the most effective way, even in the survey phase (which is the base for all the activities of design as well as of as-built and design modelling), and warrants to quickly produce reliable realistic three-dimensional models

The representation of surveys with three-dimensional models, and 3D design gives these advantages:
  •   High reliability and instant as-built control
  •   Instant control/test of design output
  •   Easily intelligible design for a non-technical public
  •   Rendering, photo-simulations and virtual reality animations of the design, even in stereoscopic modality
  •   Optimization and reliability of the building staking out works
  •   Production of multimedia presentations and supports regarding the designed works

In the cartographic field S.P.A.R.T.A. provides three-dimensional modelling and reverse modelling service of the point clouds acquired with airborne lidar, and orthophotomaps. It delivers information DTMs (Digital Terrain Model) and DEMs (Digital Elevation Model) with high detail and accuracy, which can be used for instant dimensional queries and to get 2D graphic representations automatically (you can download for free CloudCUBE and EasyCUBE, software developed by Virtualgeo s.r.l., from GeomaticsCUBE website).

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