Since 1992 S.P.A.R.T.A. works in the environment field and provides its clients, of private and public sectors, with its know-how regarding new technologies for three-dimensional modelling, which allow a clear visualization of design output. The company is composed of various experts that assure the complete project managing, study and preparation of environmental reports, advice to manage the administrative procedures.

Over the years, the company has considerably expanded the fields of interest concerning environment. Today, the main design activities are:

  •   Design for mining industry and environment restoration
  •   Design for landslide and disruptions structural works
  •   Design for environment restoration
  •   Hydraulic design
  •   Road design
  •   Town planning
  •   Design for waste disposal sites
  •   Environmental impact assessment and screening
  •   Assessment of environmental implications
  •   Strategic environmental assessment (SEA)
  •   Integrated environmental permitting
  •   Environmental consultancy and safety
  •   Environmental authorizations
  •   Traditional, GPS and laser scanning surveys
  •   Territory 3D modelling and visual simulations of design solutions
  •   Structural analysis
  •   Building site security
  •   Building site management