Hydroelectric Power Plants

S.P.A.R.T.A.’s growing activity in the renewable energy field has specialized in 3D model-based design and administrative management for projects of water by-passes for hydroelectric power plants. S.P.A.R.T.A. has carried out its projects throughout Italy, also using hydrodynamic screw technology, and all the other types of turbines (even vortex systems) that can exploit the lowest waterfalls. The company supports the clients in design choice, finding the most suitable technical solution for the site and, thanks to the considerable expertise of the company partners, in the whole administrative procedure to obtain the authorization to build the plant and/or the water by-pass concession.
The know-how and the presence of technicians with various specializations allow managing the projects wholly inside the company. Surveyors with twenty years of experience, structural, hydraulic, and environment engineers, graphic designers and 3D modellers, and technicians with building site experience carry out the activities to design hydroelectric power plants as follows:

  •   Technical analysis and law audit of the site
  •   Detailed topographic survey with total station, GPS, and laser scanner
  •   Feasibility study and preliminary design
  •   Conceptual design and administrative procedure to obtain concession
  •   Technical, geological, hydraulic reports, and study of existing special planning control areas
  •   Report about project effects on special planning control areas
  •   Territory 3D modelling and design visual simulation
  •   Assessment of environmental implications
  •   Environmental impact assessment for environmental impact assessment procedure
  •   Estimate of building, electromechanical and automation system costs
  •   Economic-financial plans
  •   Conceptual designs
  •   Structural analyses
  •   Security management
  •   Building site management
  •   Testing

  • check the capacity of your hydroelectric plant

  • Hydroelectric Power Plants with Hydrodynamic Screw - Archimedes' Screw

    Since ancient times the Archimedes' screw is known as a transferring system, activated by men’s or animals' motion, to lift and carry water from rivers to fields. Today, in the small hydroelectric power plants, the hydrodynamic screw works by reversing this operating concept. It’s not the motive force to move the rotor shaft and lift up water through the screw spirals, but when there is a waterfall the water comes down by gravity through the screw spirals and generates a torque on the driveshaft. A generator connected to the shaft turns the torque into electricity.
    The hydrodynamic screw is an excellent cost effective system to produce electricity at low cost on small waterfalls.
    It’s particularly advantageous as:

      •   It exploits waterfalls from 1 to 8-9 m
      •   It can be easily installed existing waterfalls
      •   It doesn’t need big water mass: it’s highly efficient even with variable flow (from 0,5 m3/s)
      •   It’s self-regulating according to the water flow
      •   It’s durable and needs few maintenance
      •   It has low-impact on environment
      •   It needs limited building works above and underground
      •   It doesn’t obstruct fish passage
      •   It doesn’t need automatic high-impact trash rack cleaning machines, it needs only a screen with large step (12-20 cm)
      •   Safety systems can be automated