Simulate Your Hydroelectric Plant Capacity

The power of a hydroelectric plant depends on the flow rate and the fall, which is the difference between the level of the intake and the level at which water is returned.
The example of calculation below allows you to define the power of the plant, depending on the fall and the flow rate, and the power generation per year, which depends on the hours of operation.
Today in Italy the incentives for generating hydroelectric power are fixed by the decree issued on 6th July 2012 by the Ministry of Economic Development.
The incentives are applied to new plants, or plants that are totally rebuilt, re-activated, or plants that underwent development or reconstruction works, and that will go into operation starting from January 2013.
The incentives, shown in the table below, are allowed on the net production of electricity supplied by the plant to the network:


Fall metres
Flow rate cbm/s
Power kW
Turbine efficiency
Net power kW
Operation hours per year Max 8,700 hours
Power per year kWh
Incentive tariff €/kWh
Revenue per year
Model of a hydroelectric power plant with hydrodynamic screw/Archimedes' screw.